School of Engineering

Why NUBTK Engineering

Key Features:

  • Choice of 3 starting dates per year gives students the flexibility to join the chosen program at their convenience.
  • North American & European standard academic curriculum.
  • The academic programs of NUBT Khulna are well designed & comprehensive in nature.
  • The fees are moderate in comparison to other private universities.
  • Teaching incorporates all the latest developments in business and IT.
  • Focus of the programs is to enable students to operate in global environments.
  • Programs are very contemporary and forward looking in nature.
  • Programs include core training in transferable skills-including English, Computing and Communication.
  • Modern library with rich collection of books (18920), journals, articles, encyclopedia and reference section.
  • Separate placement office to assist students to find challenging & growth oriented employment & Internship.




Tuition fee waiver will be available depending on the results of SSC/HSC/equivalent examinations as follows:

  • 100% waiver on tuition fees for Golden GPA 5.00 (in both SSC/equiv & HSC/equiv).
  • 60% waiver on tuition fees for GPA Above 5.00 (in both SSC/equiv & HSC/equiv).
  • 30% waiver on tuition fees for GPA Above 4.50 - 4.99 (in both SSC/equiv & HSC/equiv).
  • 20% waiver on tuition fees for GPA 4.00 - 4.49 (in both SSC/equiv & HSC/equiv)
  • 10% waiver on tuition fees for GPA 3.50 - 3.99 (SSC/HSC).


Result based waiver (for Diploma students only):

  • 10% waiver on tuition fees for CGPA 3.00 - 4.00
  • 05% waiver on tuition fees for CGPA 2.50 - 2.99


Additional Waivers:

  • Special 5% scholarship on tution fees for tribal's
  • 10% scholarship on tution fees for Sibling & Spouse
  • Special waiver for wards of Freedom Fighters
  • Group waiver for diploma holders 20% and others 10%

N.B.: (4 persons in a group at a time & highest one will be applied either result based waiver or group waiver)


  • Generous lending facilities of text/reference books.
  • 24 hours free Internet facility.
  • Student advising system.
  • Special English language program.

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